I have missed being able to travel through diverse and ever-changing landscapes during Melbourne’s extended lockdown. Reflecting on the sensory experience of wider movement and closely observing details at home instead, I began a process of experimentation. Using a camera and flatbed scanner as capture devices, I examined details of texture, light and form, playing with varying levels of blur and motion. These fragments were then carefully layered into compositions, a means of exerting a small amount of control over an otherwise unpredictable reality. The series Uncertain City is a manifestation of my experience of lockdown, views of a world I can’t entirely access while living in contracted space.

Despite having my movement restricted, I have been able to remain in my home with my family and feel safe during Melbourne’s lengthy lockdown. Yet I’m conscious there is a collective and far greater uncertainty for many in our community. The Asylum Seeker Resource Centre (ASRC) supports thousands of families every year, who flee persecution and harm so that they can live in peace. Until 31st December 2020, proceeds from the sale of each Uncertain City print will be donated to ASRC, supporting them as they provide food, housing, healthcare and legal support to those who need it, and helping families to flourish and prosper.

Each image is available printed directly onto aluminium in a limited edition of 12 with dimensions of 445x590mmmm. Prints are displayed in a black aluminium tray frame. Click HERE for more information and online ordering.